Joshua Pantier - Euler Tangents.pdf ----building series notes.pdf ---- applying definite integrals.pdf ---- slope fields #1.pdf
Bohemian Rhapsody Parody - EXCELLENT!

Here's a link to some Power Points that review all of AP Calculus BC:

Here's a link to a hard copy of all the BC formulas and theorems etc. in a handy booklet form:

CALC BC vectors probs.doc- Susan Cantey

Here's a review for Calc topics:
Final Notes Part 1.doc
Final Notes Part 2.doc
Final Notes Part 3.doc

Volume of a solid project 2009.doc - Jim Clarke

The big idea of Riemann sums: OZ 7--the big idea[1].doc

Calc BC Podcasts
(Brendan Murphy - AP4ALL - Maine)

Series Flowchart series flow chart_Cantey.doc
Susan Cantey

Series Converence Flowchart ConvergenceProcedure(2).pdf - Nancy Major

Series Chapter v1.6 (pdf): A complete chapter on Taylor polynomials and infinite series - Benjamin Goldstein
(Uploaded 8/21/2015)
Answers to selected problems are inluded at the end of the chapter, all in the one pdf. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU OR YOUR STUDENTS FIND ERRORS, and I will fix them.
I also have complete solutions to all problems in the current version of the chapter. There has been very little quality control on these solutions, and I am sure they are full of embarassing mistakes. Use them with caution, and please please please let me know of anything that needs to be addressed. Solutions (version 1.5) -- Version 1.5 is still the most current version of the solutions, even though the chapter itself is up to version 1.6.
(Old version of the series chapter, for those who don't like change:
Series Chapter v1.1.pdf and its Answers to Odds.pdf; Series Chapter v1.2.pdf with odd answers included, Series Chapter v1.3.pdf, Series Chapter v1.4, Series Chapter v1.5)
Please email comments, suggestions, corrections, or other feedback to bunderscoregoldstein _at_ yahoo _dot_ com.

I am using Benjamin Goldstein's Series Chapter with my class. Here are some resources I've created.

Cylindrical_Shell_Method.doc - Susan Cantey

This site will graph parametric equations and show tangent lines to indicate direction of the path:

Power Series: I redid the chapter from FDWK and made a bunch of worksheets. Some may not be helpful if you are teaching the material in a different order, but you can find all the worksheets here.

Chapter Tests/Quizzes