In this site you will find worksheets, puzzles, tips, and other ideas for calculus: Handley Math lesson plans - Steven Willott's page - see the six flags assignments on the right of the page!
Bohemian Rhapsody Parody - EXCELLENT!

Fun review: Great Calculus Caper.doc - Great Calculus Caper.pdf - Pam Burke -
(Adapted from “The Highland Mystery” – a presentation at the 2002 NCTM National Conference, Las Vegas; Lois Cohen and Craig Herring, McLean High School, McLean, Virginia.)

A fun 1 day activity to get kids to explore rates, derivatives and linearizations:
Prime Time Worksheet_DThompson.DOC 10804 - The Science and Math behind Football!

ESPN - Sport Science -

Stand and Deliver

calc fun activities_OctavioHernandez.pdf - Sudoku/BINGO

Calculus the Musical!

AP Calculus Recipe Project_ChrisCollins.doc
cuyama.jpgEver played the game taboo?
This CALCULUS VERSION will help your students study for the AP test!
Taboo Game Cards.doc
Taboo instructions

Halloween Related Rates problem: halloweenrelated rates.doc

Who needs calculus? Cool waterslide video!
This is not a "real" video...but kinda fun! -->

Math Graffiti: Math Graffiti small.doc
Calculus cartoons: BrownSharpie

Signs that you are doing way too much calculus

Funny Units of Measure

Sudoku Puzzles - Curt Sauer

Jeopardy Derivatives.ppt- Fred Rible
Covers some basic derivatives (first and second derivatives using power rule, sine, cosine, exp/logs).
There's no scoring built in, but the navigation buttons work well to get you around the game.
There's a "secret" off-color blue button in the bottom right of the game grid to take you to Final Jeopardy.
The file itself contains some slides from other versions I play; they won't show up in slide show mode as you play this game.

Popular games modified for math.lnk - Just some games that I regularly play in my classroom. Enjoy :) -Anita Alexander

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